Oudtshoorn High School
Hoërskool OUDTSHOORN High School
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Hoërskool Oudtshoorn High School
  1. Akademie • Academics
    We believe that children vary in aptitude, ability, interest and plans for the future. We, therefore, provide amply for everyone in an exceptionally wide subject choice, the variety of subjects offered and the choice of higher or standard grade. A child can from this choose a range of subjects to allow access to any possible career or course of study. During grades 8 and 9 we allow reconnaissance of numerous subjects to enable a learner to make a sensible final choice for grades 10 to 12.
  2. Kultuur • Culture
    Our school offers an active cultural climate. Learners can join any of the following societies / activities under the supervision and control of teachers: Adventure Club Newspaper Chess Club School Choir Debating Society UCSA Drama Society
  3. Sport
    Struisies beskik oor 'n wye verskeidenheid sportsoorte om van te kies en sportafrigting word bestuur vanuit 'n toegewyde sportkantoor. Ons beskik ook oor 'n sportbestuurder en span afrigters wat ons leerders kan afrig, lei en met die nodige vaardighede kan toerus. Ons skool het sy eie gratis gimnasiums en fasiliteite.
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Struisies Oudtshoorn High School